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1964 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage
Легенды никогда не забываются...

05.04.2015 в 00:11
Miha, you are just doing an awesome job since Modding exist for TDU. ReallyHUUUUUGE Thank you for your hard work and all the cars you've made. This Aston Martin up there is my all time favorite and I still play with the old one back in 2011 ;-) Thank you again Miha ! smile3
05.04.2015 в 01:22
TobRacer, Many thanks, your opinion on me and my work is very pleasant to me!))

You replace old model of 2011 soon new which is already now much better, than that that was)
05.04.2015 в 01:32
Yes definitely ! The old model looked pretty good but textures got old by the time. Now this one up here is beautiful ! good2 And I cannot wait to have a go on it. Take your time and yes indeed, that's a great tribute to a cinema Legend if you know what film it's all about mafia Good luck with it ! ok
05.04.2015 в 01:50
Авто отправлено на тест
06.04.2015 в 19:32
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Есть 1 косячек, черепушка водилы через крышу торчит мальца. Но думаю при смене ик проблема решится.
06.04.2015 в 21:13
Hi Miha, i love this car so much especially the DB6, but please make me an Aston Martin V12 Zagato 2013 even if it's the last request i am going to make and no one ever made this car except you to be. Thank you very much. clapping gamer4
06.04.2015 в 21:20
Turbo, да, я тоже так считаю. Спасибо за тест)

Hi, condemned_criminal!

Especially for you I won't do it, as well as for others. But I have this model in plans. The following Aston Martin will be this)
06.04.2015 в 21:26
Тема закрыта, авто в каталоге
21.04.2015 в 22:26
Форум » Раздел моделеров » Моды для Test Drive Unlimited » 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage
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