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First, excuse me, but i don't speak russian... so, if anyone who speaks in english can help me, i will appreciate. I am "Milli", the person who helped Speeder and Lean with the fuel feature in TDU Project Paradise, and i've recently found out this website because oh Miha's TDU mods. I've noticed that the privacy settings of the TDU modding section has changed, only allowing members to acess, so, i've made my profile here, using my facebook, i've recieved the email from uid.me, and it was all in russian, so i've clicked in all the links possible there.

But seems that i can't still acess the TDU modding section. Can anyone help me? Or explain me how things works around here and etc.

Thanks in advance,

~ Millena S.

19.01.2015 в 21:37
Privet millena_sdp, Today TDU mods was downing because of technical reasons. Now our team are working hard and do is possible. TDU mods will work for a few days.
Best wishes.
19.01.2015 в 22:35
Ah, i see. Well, thank you for the quick answer! Really appreciated! :D
20.01.2015 в 00:39
It's working again, thanks once more. smile3
20.01.2015 в 16:13
Помогите пожалуйста! Установил мод Subaru BRZ . После этого в игре проходит 1 ролик и игра вылетает , а ошибку не высвечивает. Пробовал перезагрузку ноута, мод удалил все равно. Очень буду благодарен!
29.12.2015 в 16:26
Форум » HF-Garage.ru » Корзина » Help!
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